Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Study 5

Árpád Rusz
Internet Chess Clinic


1.Nh3+! [1.Bxf1? Kxf1 2.g5 Kg1 (2...d5? 3.Nxd5 Kg2 4.Nf6 Kxh1 5.Ng4 Kg2 6.Nxh2=) 3.Ng3 d5 zugzwang 4.Nxd5 Kg2 5.Nf6 Kxg3–+] 1...Kg2!! [1...Kxh1 2.Bxf1 d5 (2...g5 3.d5 stalemate) 3.g5! mutual zugzwang (3.Nf4? Kg1! (3...g5? 4.Ne2! d6 5.Bh3 stalemate) 4.Bg2 g5–+) 3...d6 virtual stalemate 4.Nf4 Kg1 5.Bg2 mutual zugzwang 5...Kf2 6.Bh1 Kg1 7.Bg2 positional draw] 2.Bxf1+ [2.Nf4+? Kxh1 3.Bxf1 Kg1 4.Bg2 d5! 5.g5 d6–+mutual zugzwang] 2...Kxh1! [2...Kxf1 3.N3f2 Kg2 4.g5 Kf3 5.d5 mutual zugzwang 5...Kxe3 6.Ng4+ Kf4 7.Nxh2 e3 8.Ng3! Kxg3 9.Nf1+ Kf4 10.Nxe3=] 3.d5! [3.g5? d5 mutual zugwang 4.Nf4 Kg1 5.Bg2 d6–+ mutual zugzwang] 3...g5 virtual stalemate 4.Nf2+! [4.Ng1? hxg1N! Phoenix Theme 5.Bg2+ Kh2!–+] 4...Kg1 5.Bh3! Kxf2 6.Bg2 and draw because the presence of the d7 pawn! [6.Bf1? h1N! Phoenix Theme (6...Kg3? 7.Bg2 Kxg4 8.Bh1! (8.Bxe4? Kh3 9.Bh1 g4 10.e4 g3 11.e5 g2 12.Bxg2+ Kxg2–+)8...Kg3 9.Bg2 Kf2 10.Bh1 g4 11.Bg2 g3 12.Bh1 Ke2 13.Bg2 Kd3 14.Bh1 Kc4 15.Bxe4! Kc3 16.Bh1 Kd2 17.e4 Ke2 18.e5 Kf2 19.exd6 g2 20.Bxg2 Kxg2 stalemate) 7.Bg2 Ng3!–+]

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