Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Study 8

Árpád Rusz
Josten-65 JT
- after D.Gurgenidze -


The white knight always has two choices and every time only one is correct!

1.Nb7+! [First thematic try: 1.Nc6+? Rxc6 2.Bxc6 h2 3.Kg6 b5–+; 1.Kxg6? bxa5 2.Kf5 a4 (2...h2? 3.Ke5! a4 4.Kd4 a3 5.Kc3=) 3.Ke4 a3–+] 1...Kc7 2.Kxg6 Kb8


Second thematic try: 3.Nd6? Kxa8 4.Nf5 b5! (4...h2? 5.Ng3 b5 6.Kf5 Kb7 7.Ke4! (7.Kf4? b4–+) 7...Kc6 8.Kf3! (8.Kd4? Kb6! (8...Kd6? 9.Nh1 mutual zugzwang 9...Ke6 (9...Kc6 10.Nf2!=) 10.Kc5 Ke5 11.Kxb5=) 9.Kc3 (9.Nh1 Ka5 10.Kc3 Ka4 11.Kb2 Kb4–+) 9...Kc5 10.Ne4+ Kd5 11.Nf2 Ke6! (11...Ke5? 12.Ng4+=) 12.Kb4 Kf5 13.Kxb5 Kf4 14.Nh1 Kf3 15.Kc4 Kg2 16.Kd3 Kxh1–+) 8...b4 9.Kg2= Réti manoeuvre) 5.Ng3 b4 6.Kf5 b3–+

3...Kxa8 [3...bxc5 4.Be4=]

4.Nd3! Third thematic try: 4.Ne4? b5 5.Kf5 b4 6.Nf2 (6.Kf4 h2! 7.Nf2 b3–+) 6...b3!–+ 4...b5 5.Kf5 b4 6.Ke4! pseudo-Bristol 6...b3 [6...h2 7.Nf2 b3 8.Kd3=] 7.Kf3= Réti manoeuvre

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