Friday, 7 March 2008

Banny 4

3rd Prize

White wins

1.Re1! [1.Re4+? Rxe4 2.fxe4 Nb3 3.e7 Nc5 4.e5! Ne6! 5.Kf7 (5.Kd7 Ng7=) 5...Nc7=; 1.e7? Kxe3=] 1...Nc2 2.Re4+ [2.e7? Nxe1=] 2...Rxe4 3.fxe4 Ne3 [3...Nb4 4.Kd7 Nd3 5.e7 Nc5+ 6.Kc6+-] and now the Banny Theme:

4.Kf7? (A) Nc4! (a) 5.e7 Nd6+ =

4.Kd7? (B) Ng4! (b) 5.e7 Nf6+ =

4.e7! Nc4 (a) 5.Kd7 (B) +-

4...Ng4 (b) 5.Kf7 (A) +-

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