Thursday, 6 March 2008

Bristol 14

Avni-50 JT (EG)
4th Honourable Mention

White wins

1.Bd5+! [Thematic try: 1.Kb3? Nxf7 2.h8Q Nxh8 3.Bxh8 Bg3 4.h7 h4 5.Ba1 h3 6.h8Q h2 7.Qb2+ Bf2 8.Qg7+ Bg3 9.Be5 h1Q 10.Qxg3+ Kf1=] 1...cxd5 2.Kb3! Nf7 3.h8Q Nxh8 4.Bxh8 Bg3 5.h7 [minor dual 5.Ba1 h4 6.h7] 5...h4 6.Ba1! h3 7.h8Q h2 8.Qb2+ Bf2 9.Qg7+ Bg3 10.Be5 h1Q 11.Qxg3+ Kf1 12.Bd4 Qg2 13.Qe3 Qd2! 14.Qf3+ [14.Qxd2? stalemate] 14...Ke1 15.Bc3 +-

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