Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Study 112

Árpád Rusz
5th FIDE World Cup
2nd Commendation


In the initial position there is a pawn battery but unfortunately it is blocked by the black queen. Therefore, the white queen leaves the a1 square but not without saying: "I'll be back!" 1. Qg1+ Ke4! Black is trying to avoid the capture of the white pawn. 2. Qg4+! Kd5 2... Kxe5 3. Nc4+ +- 3. Qd7+ Kxe5 3... Ke4 4. Qg4+ perpetual check 4. Qxa7! Only now is possible to take that knight, after the black king has moved to e5. 4... a1=Q 4... Qd1+ 5. Ke8! = 5. Nc4+! White fires the knight battery. This check was the reason why black tried to avoid capturing the e5-pawn. 5... Qxc4 6. Qxa1 The queen returns to a1 and rebuilds the pawn battery which, unlike in the initial position, is not blocked anymore.


6... f5! Black is not afraid of the white battery!

refusal to attack

7. b4+!! White refuses to attack the black queen! Thematic try: 7. b3+? Qd4+ 8. Qxd4+ Kxd4 -+ 7... Qd4+ 8. Qxd4+ Kxd4 9. Kc7! White is starting a Réti manoeuvre to catch the black pawn! 9. b5? Kc5 10. Kc7 Kxb5 11. Kd6 f4 -+; 9. Kd7? f4 10. b5 Kc5 -+ 9... Kc4 9... f4 10. b5 f3 11. b6 f2 12. b7 f1=Q 13. b8=Q = 10. Kc6! Kxb4 10... f4 11. b5 = 11. Kd5 = Done!

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