Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Study 114

Árpád Rusz
RCS blog
after Gijs van Breukelen

White wins

This is my version of a really famous study (see for example this link.). I have added a thematic try and a heart-shaped Rundlauf, but the core of the study, of course, belongs to Gijs van Breukelen.

1. Nh5+!! Thematic try: 1. Ne6+? Kg6 2. Bc2+ Kh5 3. d8=Q Nf7+ and it is a draw because the e6 square is blocked by the harmful white knight! 1... Kg6 2. Bc2+! Kxh5 2... Kf7 3.d8=Q +- 3. d8=Q Nf7+ 4. Ke6! The e6 square was empty! 4...Nxd8+ 5. Kf5 e2 6. Be4 e1=N! 6... e1=Q 7. Bf3# 7. Bd5! c2 8. Bc4 c1=N! 9. Bb5 Nc7 10. Ba4! +-

Watch this study on a dynamic board! Click here!

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