Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Study 122

Árpád Rusz
Polish Chess Federation Ty

White wins

1. Bb7! White pins the black rook. Taking it would be a mistake: 1. Rxe4? Bh7! = 1... Kg3! Black unpins its rook and forces white to capture on e4 with the rook. 2. Rxe4 Bh7 Now the white rook is pinned. It could be unpinned by a king move, but where should the king go?

3. Ka1!! This is the correct way to try to get out of the pin! 3... Bxe4 4. Bxe4 Nf2

5. Bh1!! Another move to a corner square! White is moving to a square just left by black (Umnov Theme). Thematic try: 5. Bb7? Kf4 6. a4 Ke5 7. a5 Kd6 8. a6 Kc7 9. a7 Kxb7 = 5... Kf4 5... Nxh1 6. a4 Nf2 7. a5 Ne4 8. a6 Nc5 9. a7 +- White is lucky to have its king is on a1! With the king on b2, black still could have saved the game by 9... Na4+ followed by 10... Nb6. 6. a4 Ke5 7. a5 Kd6 8. a6 Kc7 9. a7 +-

The thematic try on move three also features a king move to a corner square: 3. Kb2? Bxe4 4. Bxe4 Nf2 5. Bh1 Nxh1 6. a4 Nf2 7. a5 Ne4! 8. a6 Nc5 (or 8... Nd6 9. a7 Nc4+ 10. Kb3 Nb6 etc.) 9. a7 Na4+ 10. Kb3 Nb6 11. Kb4 Kf4 (11... Na8) 12. Kb5 Na8 13. Kc6 Ke5 14. Kb7 Kd6 15. Kxa8 The problem is that the king gets stalemated there: 15... Kc7 16. a4 Kc8 17. a5 Kc7 18. a6 Kc8 stalemate

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