Thursday, 2 November 2017

Study 37a

V. Vlasenko
Malyshko-105 MT

White wins

Thematic try: 1. Rf8+? Kg2 2. Rg6+ Kh1 3. Rf1+ Qg1 4. Ra1! Qxa1 5. Bxa1 c3+ 6. Kc1 c2 =

With the rook on g6, the g7 square cannot be used as a cutting point to avoid stalemate and there is no time for the critical move Rg6-g8.

Solution: 1. Rf6+! Kg2 2. Rg8+ Kh1 3. Rf1+ Qg1 4. Ra1! 4. Ke2? Qxf1+ 5. Kxf1 stalemate 4... Qxa1 5. Bxa1 c3+ 6. Kc1! mutual zugzwang 6. Bxc3? stalemate 6... c2 This time the rook is already on its right place so the stalemate can be avoided!


7. Bg7! Kg2 8. Be5+ +-

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