Friday, 15 June 2018

Study 151

Árpád Rusz
Internet (RCS blog)

White wins

The stipulation seems wrong: shouldn't white only fight for a draw?
1. Ba5+ Kc8 1... Kd7 2. Nf6+ +- 2. Nc5! 2. Nf6? Qg7 3. Bf3 Qc7! 4. Bg4+ Kd8 = 2... Qg7 3. Bf3! Thematic try: 3. Be4? Qf7 4. Bg2 Qh7 5. Bf3 Qg7 mutual zugzwang 6. Be4 Qf7 positional draw

mutual zugzwang

Now the black queen cannot move: it has to keep an eye on both the b7 and g4 squares (Focal Theme). The knight moves lead also to a disaster:

a. 3... Nf7 4. Bb7#
b. 3... Ng6 4. Bg4+ +-

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This study features one of the first mutual zugzwangs found by Syzygy Endgame Explorer (SEE). More details in the next post.

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