Friday, 13 July 2018

A tempo move which mirrors the position

Sometimes you wish you could pass the move to your opponent without making the slightest change in the position. Of course, the chess rules forbid this. But in the following position discovered with the help of SEE, you can "break" the rules!

White wins

1. Kf4! (zugzwang) (1. Nbc5? Nb6! =; 1. Nbd6? Nc7! =) 1... Nb6 2. Nbd6 +- (zugzwang) 1... Nc7 2. Nbc5 +- (zugzwang)

After the key we had practically the same position as before but with black to move!

Here are the other positions discovered so far:

The following positions feature more exotic material:

SEE also confirms my suspicion that the only position with similar properties having fewer than 7 pieces is one discovered by me last year:

White wins

1. Bh4! +- (zugzwang)