Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Study 25

Árpád Rusz
Zoltán-65 JT


Thematic try: 1.Bc3? 1.Bb4? Rxa2 (1...bxa2? 2.Bc3 stalemate) 2.Bc3+ b2–+

The white pieces are pinning the black ones.

1...bxa2!! mutual zugzwang - virtual stalemate (1...Kxa2? 2.Bb4 Ka1 3.Bc3 Ka2 4.Bb4 positional draw) 2.Be1 Rxb5 3.Bc3+ Rb2 mutual zugzwang - virtual stalemate 4.Be1 Rxb6 5.Bc3+ Rb2–+

Solution:1.a3!! 1...Ra2 2.Bc3+ b2 3.Rxc2! mutual zugzwang 3...Bxc2+ [3...Rxa3 stalemate]

The black pieces are pinning the white ones!

4.Kxc2 mutual zugzwang 4...Rxa3 5.Bxb2+ Ka2 6.Bxa3 Kxa3 7.Kc3 Ka4 8.Kc2! [8.Kd3? Kb4! mutual zugzwang] 8...Kb4 9.Kd3 mutual zugzwang 9...Kxb5 [9...Kb3 stalemate] 10.Kc3 Kc6! 11.Kb3! [11.Kb4? Kxb6 mutual zugzwang] 11...Kxb6 12.Kb4 mutual zugzwang 12...Kc6 13.Ka4! [13.Ka5? b5 mutual zugzwang] 13...b5+ 14.Ka5! mutual zugzwang =

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