Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Study 26

Árpád Rusz
Mat Plus
Honourable Mention
- version -


1.Qf2! [1.Qd4? Ne2! 2.Kxe2 Nf4+ 3.Kf1 Rg2–+] 1...Ne2! [1...Ne3+ 2.Qxe3 Rg2 3.Qxc3=] 2.Qxe2 g3 [2...Nf4 3.Qxg4=] 3.Qf3! [3.Qe4? f5 4.Bg6! fxe4 5.Bxe4 Rh3!! 6.Bf3! Kh2! 7.Bxg2 g4 mutual zugzwang - virtual stalemate] 3...g4 4.Qe4 f5 5.Bg6!

echo X-ray defence

5... f4! [5...fxe4 6.Bxe4 Rh3

7.Bf3!! Rh2 (7...gxf3 stalemate; 7...Kh2 8.Bxg2 stalemate) 8.Be4 Rh3 (8...h3 9.Bf3 gxf3 stalemate) 9.Bf3! positional draw] 6.Bh5! f3 7.Qxf3

echo X-ray defence

7... gxf3 8.Bxf3 Rh3 [8...h3 9.Be4 stalemate] 9.Be4! [9.Bxg2+? Kh2 mutual zugzwang]

virtual stalemate

9...Rh2 [9...Kh2 10.Bxg2 stalemate] 10.Bf3 positional draw

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Croitor said...

Very nice transformation of study from 26a to 26!

Árpád Rusz said...

Thanks! It was your comment on the MatPlus Forum that made me to try to find a better version for that study!