Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Study 27

Árpád Rusz
4/5th Honourable Mention
- miniature section -

White wins

1.g7 Kf3! This move clears the 4th line for the rook. [1...Rxb6+ fails because the 4th line is blocked. 2.Kf7 Rb7+ 3.Kg6 Rb6+ 4.Kh7 Rb7 5.Kh8 (5.b5? Kf4! 6.b6 (6.Kh8 Rxb5 7.g8Q Rh5+ 8.Kg7 Rg5+=) 6...Kf5! 7.Kh8 Rxb6 8.g8Q Rh6+ 9.Kg7 Rg6+=) 5...Rxb4 6.g8Q+-] 2.b5!! [2.b7? Kxf2 3.Kd6 Rg8! 4.Ke6 (4.b5 Ke3 5.Kc7 Rxg7+ 6.Kb6 Rg8 7.Ka7 Kd4 8.b6 Kc5=) 4...Rb8! 5.Kd6 Rg8! positional draw] 2...Rxb6+ 3.Kf7 Rb7+ 4.Kg6 Rb6+ 5.Kh7 Rb7 6.b6! Now the black king is too far. [6.Kh8? Rxb5 7.g8Q Rh5+ 8.Kg7 Rg5+=] 6...Kf4 7.Kh8 Rxb6 8.g8Q Rh6+ 9.Kg7 +-

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