Monday, 18 September 2017

Study 126

Árpád Rusz
Malyshko-105 MT
- after Richard Becker -

White wins

A few days after composing and publishing this study, I have discovered a very serious anticipation in the HHdbV. In 2009 Richard Becker published the following draw study: Study 126a. Although it seems that he hasn't found the main line from my work, my study can be considered no more than a version of his. The judge of that 2009 tourney stated that he didn’t award studies that only contained technical play and “database works”. Probably this was the reason the whole community missed to notice the existence of that groundbreaking study.

Thematic try: 1. b4? f5 mutual zugzwang 2. b5 f4! 3. exf4 d4 mutual zugzwang 4. b6 d3 mutual zugzwang 5. b7 d2 mutual zugzwang 6. b8=Q d1=Q mutual zugzwang

mutual zugzwang

7. h5 7. Kc7+ Kf7! 8. Qb4 Qh5! = 7... Qxh5 8. Kd7+ Kh7! = 8... Kf7? 9. Qe8+ +-; 8... Kg7? 9. Qe5+ Qxe5 10. fxe5 +-

The real solution starts with an amazing waiting move:
1. b3!! mutual zugzwang. White is very polite: it voluntarily allows black to be the one who is promoting first! 1... f5 2. b4 mutual zugzwang

Bugs Bunny?

2... f4! 3. exf4 d4 4. b5 mutual zugzwang 4... d3 5. b6 mutual zugzwang 5... d2 6. b7 mutual zugzwang

mutual zugzwang (!!)

6... d1=Q 7. b8=Q mutual zugzwang 7... Qg4+ 7... Qh5 8. Kd7+ +-; 7... Qd3 8. h5 (8. Qe5? Qh3+ =) 8... Qf5+ 9. Kb7+ Kh7 10. Qe5 +- 8. Kc7+ Kh7 9. Qb1+ Kh6 9... Kg7 10. Qb2+ Kf7 11. Qb3+ Kg7 12. Qc3+ Kf7 13. Qc4+ Kg7 14. Qd4+ +- 10. Qb6+ Kh5 11. Qf6 Qxh4 12. Qxh4+ Kxh4 We are back to another pawn ending although this is much simpler than the initial position of the study. The black king seems to be much closer to the pawn but the chessboard's geometry can be deceiving.

13. Kd6 Kg4 14. Ke5 +-

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very beautiful problem. please don't mind if I share it later with my friends in our forum.