Saturday, 16 September 2017

Fortress 3

Surya Sekhar Ganguly‏
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- correction by Rusz -

White wins

This position with a very cool fight against a fortress got the name "The Trojan Horse Puzzle". In the original both 1.Kd2 and Kb1 were equally good keys, so I have modified the position a bit to eliminate the dual.

1. Kd2! (1. Na2?! Kg7(8) 2. Nxb4? cxb4 =) 1... Kg7 2. Ne2 Kf7 3. Ng1 Kf6 4. Nh3 Ke6 5. Nf2 (5. Nxg5+? hxg5 =) 5... Kf6 6. Nd1! This move explains why we have not chosen 1.Kd1?! 6... Ke6 7. Nb2 Kd6 8. Na4 Kc6 9. Kc1! Another precise move which puts black into zugzwang. 9... Kd6 10. Nb6 Ke7 11. Nd5+ (minor dual 11. Nc8+ Ke6 12. Na7 Kd7 13. Nb5) 11... Ke6 12. Nc7+ Kd7 13. Nb5 Kc6 14. Na3! Preparing this sacrifice was the reason of moving the white king to the c-file. The knight cannot be taken because the pawn endgame is winning. 14... Kd6 15. Nc2! This move explains why we have not chosen 9.Kc2?! 15... Ke6 16. Ne1 Kf6 17. Ng2 Ke6 18. Kd1(2) Kf6 19. Nh4! +- The white king is close enough so the knight cannot be taken and it will finally reach the f5 square.

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