Monday, 23 October 2017

Study 93

Árpád Rusz
Marwitz-100 MT, 2016
Special Prize
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White wins

Now I prefer this more economical initial position of Study 93a. The main line and the two tries all feature different systematic movements!

1st try: 1.f8Q? Ra7+ 2.Kb8 Rab7+! 2...Rhb7+? 3.Kc8 Rc7+ 4.Kd8 Rd7+ 5.Ke8 Re7+ 6.Qxe7+– 3.Kc8 Rbc7+ 4.Kd8 Rcd7+ 5.Ke8 Rde7+ 6.Qxe7 Rxh8+ 7.Kd7 h2 8.Qf7+ Kb1 9.Qb3+ Kc1= 9...Ka1? 10.Qc3++–

2nd try: 1.Qxg7? Rxg7 2.f8Q h2! 3.Qxf3

3...Rg8+!! Paradoxically, black lets the white king to escape from the eight rank! The immediate 3...Rg1? loses because of a Queen staircase on the a and b-files from b3 to b8! 4.Qb3+ Ka1 5.Qa3+ Kb1 6.Qb4+ Ka1 7.Qa5+ Kb1 8.Qb6+ Ka1 9.Qa7+ Kb1 10.Qb8++– 4.Kb7 Rg1! Another check would be fatal: 4...Rg7+? 5.Kc8!! Back to the 8th rank! (5.Kc6? Rg1 6.Qb3+ Ka1 7.Qa3+ Kb1 8.Qb4+ Ka1 9.Qa5+ Kb1 10.Qb6+ Kc1!=) 5...Rg8+ 6.Kd7!+– 5.Qb3+ Ka1 6.Qa3+ Kb1 7.Qb4+ Ka1(2) 8.Qa5+ Kb1 9.Qb6+ Ka1(2) 10.Qa7+ Kb1(2)=

Main: 1.Qxh7! Rxh7

2.f8Q f2! 2...h2 6.Qg8++– 3.Qxf2 3.Qg8+? Ka1! 4.Qxh7 f1Q=; 3.c4? Rh8! 4.Qxh8 f1Q= 3...h2 4.c4+ Kb3 5.Qf3+ Kb4! 5...Kxc4 6.Qe4++– 6.Qh1 Kc5!

The plan that looks logical now is starting to move with the white king towards the rook. But it doesn't work yet! While the black king is on c5 the rook can leave the seventh rank (e.g. by moving to h5). 7.Qd5+ Kb4 8.Qd2+ Kc5 9.Qf2+ Kb4 10.Qb2+ Kc5 11.Qb5+ Kd4 12.Qd5+ Kc3 13.Qh1 Kd4 The black king is not on c5 so the white king can make a move towards the rook! 14.Kb8! The first step. 14...Kc5 Back to c5... White needs to repeat the manoeuvre to gain a tempo for another king move.

15.Qd5+ Kb4 16.Qd2+ Kc5 17.Qf2+ Kb4 18.Qb2+ Kc5 19.Qb5+ Kd4 20.Qd5+ Kc3 21.Qh1 Kd4 22.Kc8! The second step. 22...Kc5

23.Qd5+ Kb4 24.Qd2+ Kc5 25.Qf2+ Kb4 26.Qb2+ Kc5 27.Qb5+ Kd4 28.Qd5+ Kc3 29.Qh1 Kd4 30.Kd8! The third step. 30...Kc5

31.Qd5+ Kb4 32.Qd2+ Kc5 33.Qf2+ Kb4 34.Qb2+ Kc5 35.Qb5+ Kd4 36.Qd5+ Kc3 37.Qh1 Kd4 38.Ke8! The fourth step. 38...Kc5

39.Qd5+ Kb4 40.Qd2+ Kc5 41.Qf2+ Kb4 42.Qb2+ Kc5 43.Qb5+ Kd4 44.Qd5+ Kc3 45.Qh1 Kd4 46.Kf8! The fifth step. 46...Kc5

47.Qd5+ Kb4 48.Qd2+ Kc5 49.Qf2+ Kb4 50.Qb2+ Kc5 51.Qb5+ Kd4 52.Qd5+ Kc3 53.Qh1 Kd4 54.Kg8! +- The last step along the 8th rank.

The white king will finally escape from the last rank. White has a winning position. Notice that this was the 50th move since the last capture or pawn move (4.c4+), so according to the FIDE rules, this position would be a draw! Fortunately, endgame study composition codex doesn't care about that artificial "draw by 50 moves" rule!

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