Monday, 3 December 2018

WCCI 2016-18

The first entries for the World Championship in Composing for Individuals (WCCI 2016-18) organized by the World Federation of Chess Composition have been published. The deadline for submitting the compositions is 20th January 2019.

The five judges for endgame studies (Section D) are Péter Gyarmati, Harold van der Heijden, Martin Minski, Steffen Slumstrup Nielsen and myself. This is the first time I judge such an important tournament. Although it seems strange to be a judge and a participant at the same time in a competition, the rules are made in such a way that self-judging is avoided. Therefore, I plan to participate as a composer too.

The list of participants:
Yochanan Afek (ISR)
Ilham Aliev (AZE)
Pavel Arestov (RUS)
Amatzia Avni (ISR)
Yuri Bazlov (RUS)
Richard Becker (USA)
Sergey Borodavkin (UKR)
Sergiy Didukh (UKR)
Branislav Đurašević (SRB)
Alexey Gasparyan (ARM)
Daniele Gatti (ITA)
Luis Miguel Gonzalez (ESP)
Darko Hlebec (SRB)
Borislav Ilinčić (SRB)
Andzrej Jasik (POL)
Valery Kalashnikov (RUS)
Daniel Keith (FRA)
Mikhail Khramtsevich (BLR)
Evgeny Kopylov (RUS)
Peter Krug (AUT)
Mirko Miljanić (SRB)
Bosko Miloseski (MKD)
Martin Minski (GER)
Vladimir Neistadt (RUS)
Steffen Slumstrup Nielsen (DEN)
Aleksey Oganesjan (RUS)
Geir Sune Tallaksen Østmoe (NOR)
Oleg Pervakov (RUS)
Alexey Popov (RUS)
Grigory Popov (RUS)
Árpád Rusz (ROU)
Vladimir Samilo (UKR)
Anatoly Skripnik (RUS)
Alexey Sochnev (RUS)
Aleksandr Stavrietsky (RUS)
Viktor Syzonenko (UKR)
Vladislav Tarasiuk (UKR)
Leonid Topko (UKR)
Alain Villeneuve (FRA)
Igor Yarmonov (UKR)

I plan to present all studies from this competition on the blog. Stay tuned!


Peter Siegfried Krug said...

only 19 people!

Árpád Rusz said...

There are more than 19 people. Not every participant is listed on my blog yet. There are at least 35 participants (see the official website).